Hello hello!

My name is Carolina, but you can call me Carol, which where I’m from it is not an old lady’s name!

I’m Italian (YES I CAN BE VERY LOUD AT TIMES!), born and raised in what I define a small town in the North of Italy, even though is quite big indeed – Modena. Check your bottle of Balsamic Vinegar and most probably, if you’re lucky!, it will say it was made in here.

Made it!
Graduation Day, September 2012.

At 16 I decided this wasn’t really doing much to me, and the big optimistic visions for my future led me in studying for a year in Wyoming, USA. I graduated from Wheatland High School at 17 and moved to London right away, where I lived for four years until September 2012, and where I left my heart.

At 22, I finally took the famous gap year I’ve been looking forward to, and I had the best months of my life backpacking around South East Asia and Eastern Europe. You can read more about it on my first blog post here.

This is what led me to start this blog that I try to keep as update as possible, even though having a full time job really doesn’t help!





I hope this blog will help you find the inspiration to set free and explore,



Psst! If you want to read about my one-month experience volunteering in India in 2011, check out this blog: www.caroldoesindia.blogspot.com

Taming the Cow...
Taming the Cow…