Time Travelling in the Angkor Temples, Cambodia

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Ohh the beauty of this place, a slice of history that surrounds you in all of its glory. Well almost, let’s say it looked better a few centuries ago…

But – as with all the good things in life – it’s not an easy ride, and it will often involve a lot of sweat and money!
Here it’s how I used my $40 three-days pass to the temples:
Day 1

Tour. Yes, another $20 each. But it also involved a car (particularly useful if it’s raining, as it was), water, and a super skilled guide – in our case Vith, who made our tour so much more enjoyable.
The tour also covered the five temples that are part of the ‘Grand Tour Circuit’ and even more further out, like the Bantey Srey temple (37km from Siem Reap):
Pre Rup

Banteay Srei

Ta Som

Preah Khan

East Mebon

Day 2
On the second day me and Alle hired two bycicles and biked it!
It was oh-so-hard but so much rewarding too, much more than the car or tuk tuk. You are free to do whatever you like, when you want and with no boundaries, except for your body!  But besides it, it is a complete different feeling to bike through the ruins, it really gets under your skin.
Mind you, it adds up to quite a few km by the end of the day, but it’s an easy ride (trust me, I am an anti-sportive person par excellence), and you won’t feel the hot so much because of the wind when you’re riding.
Back to the temples, on that day we visited the ones in the smaller circuit: 
Angkor Wat

Angkor Thom & Bayon

Ta Prohm

Nature taking over…
These last temples are the most ‘popular’ and you’ll see much more tourists here than in the others, so I suggest you going there early… Perhaps starting by watching the sun come up from Angkor Wat šŸ™‚ (shame I am physically unable to wake up so early in the morning…)
Day 3

This day we only went for sunset at Angkor Wat temple, hiring a tuk tuk from Siem Reap for $5. 
The ticket options for the temples are:
1 day $20
3 days $40
5 days $60
In the evening they don’t check the tickets, so unless you’re very much into this type of thing, one day might be enough for you. We enjoyed going for two full ones, but after you see a couple they kind of start to look all the same… Especially if you have been to Hampi and other great Hindu temples in Karnataka too.
Up to you to decide, I hope this post will help you with it! Let me know if you need any more info šŸ™‚
Say Cheeeeese
(The ticket has got you’re face on it, so unfortunately selling it to someone else is not an option!)



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