Bali Je T’Aime

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The week in Bali didn’t go exactly as I was expecting it, nor as I wanted it to go: on the first day I fell off a scooter and badly hit my toes (besides other scratches), and couldn’t walk properly nor swim for the whole time on the island. Mom, if you are reading this, I promise I won’t drive a scooter anymore! (I have a very bad past with it, ending up at hospitals twice in my teens, so this was the confirmation I am not fit for it!)

This says it all…
But anyway the fall didn’t stop me from enjoying Bali and here I realized two things from it: as touristy as it can have become, it is still wonderful; unlikely what most of the people I met told me, a week is not enough to see it all. We had to squeeze all that we could in six days however, and this is what came out of it:
Besides the incident of the first morning, not to waste the day me and Alle went exploring Bukit peninsula in the south of Bali, including the amazing beaches of Balangan and Ulu Watu, and watching sunset from the latter’s temple of top of a cliff…
Balangan Beach

Ulu Watu “Beach”
We were planning on seeing much more, but my slow walking didn’t make it possible!
The day after we took a speedboat and went to Gili Trawangan, but it was the worst day for my foot and spent pretty much the whole of it in bed complaining on how much it hurt and swearing at some bad karma I must have around – I can’t explain it otherwise!
On thursday we rented a bike and cycled around the island… Well, Alle cycled, I was comfortably seated in the back 😉
Don’t worry, he got back at me by swimming with cool giant sea turtles and seeing amazing fishes while snorkeling, while I was stuck at the beach staring at this:
Find the intruder…


Hungry cats everywhere

Back on Bali island, we went straight to Ubud and its Monkey Sanctuary and got to play around with some funny baby monkeys! This is my favorite picture of all (but check the other post for more)…  
Trying out this Dragon Fruit…
Not bad at all!
On the last day we rented a scooter (no worries I wasn’t driving) and explored a bit of the area around Ubud, until a huge storm forced us to go back and to miss the Unesco site Gunung Kawi…
However, thanks to the rain we had to take shelter in a temple and so we met some of its workers who played music for us!
Rice Terraces
On the evening there was a concert part of the Yoga Festival happening in Bali on that week, so we also got to see some live music…

Medicine For The People
Once again, I wish I had more time, but I will definitely be back one day… And also, Indonesian people are just wonderful, they made our stay so much more pleasant and fun!



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  1. Alice
    | Reply

    ahahahaahha il verme mi fa pisciare dal ridere!! ahahah
    divertitevi strunz!!
    ps: la prossima volta compra il libro “fasciature for dummies”..potrebbe esserti utile =)

    • carolinarin
      | Reply

      Hahaha guarda che me l ha fatta il ‘dottore’!!

  2. Gna Gnneo
    | Reply

    sto leggendo il tuo blog per la prima volta, argomenti interessanti e finalmente vediamo un po di mondo, ho letto e visto le foto, hai dimenticato di provare la prelibatezza locale, il bakso!! Non dimenticarti di provarlo la prossima volta!! 🙂

    • carolinarin
      | Reply

      Ciao Gna Gnneo, grazie per la visita!
      Eh si non l ho provato, ma tornerò di sicuro a Bali e lo mangerò allora, prometto! 🙂
      Se sai di altre prelibatezze in Asia che pensi debba provare fammi sapere, che quando si tratta di cibo non mi tiro mai indietro!

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