Here’s my very own Bucket List – aka a list of things to do before I die. I’ve also added some cool things I’ve already done, as they would have been in the list anyway!

What about you?

  1. Volunteer/Work at the Rio’s Olympics in 2016
  2. Celebrate New Years Eve in Rio de Janeiro
  3. Attend the Carnival of Rio
  4. Bath in Goa, India
  5. Visit a hippy market in Goa, India
  6. Ride the Darjeeling express
  7.  Do Yoga in India
  8.  Sleep in an overnight train
  9. Visit Yellowstone Park
  10. Take a stroll in the Marrakech markets
  11.  Roadtrip in Turkey
  12.  Coast to coast in the US
  13.  Drive down Route 66
  14.  Visit the Grand Canyon
  15. Celebrate New Years Eve in Key West, Florida
  16. Hunt prairie dogs in Wyoming
  17.  Visit Macchu Picchu, Peru
  18.  Visit Casablanca, Morocco
  19.  Meet a Bollywood star (preferably Salman Khan)
  20. Meet Al Pacino and tell him how much I love him
  21.  Travel India on the road
  22.  Road trip in the north of Africa
  23.  Visit an Egyptian pyramid
  24. Cruise on the Nile
  25. Climb a Mayan piramid in Yucatan (I was 7 though, does it still count?)
  26.  Transiberian Beijing – Moscow (or vice versa)
  27.  Road trip through Australia
  28.  Surf in Australia
  29.  Surf in the ocean in Cornwall
  30.  Make a movie
  31.  Make a documentary
  32.  Photograph a war zone
  33. Meet a dictator
  34.  Drive a plane
  35.  Learn how to dance Salsa (properly!)
  36.  Learn how to dance Tango
  37.  Participate in the New York Marathon
  38.  Climb the Eiffel Tower
  39. Spend a romantic weekend in Paris
  40.  Go up The Shard, London
  41.  Ride on the London Cable Car on the Thames
  42. Volunteer at the London 2012 Olympics
  43. Walk down La Rambla, Barcelona
  44.  Climb a Volcano
  45.  Attend a cooking course
  46.  Win the Lottery
  47.  Make a positive change
  48.  Inspire someone to make a change
  49.  Learn Karate or any other kind of martial art
  50.  Learn archery
  51.  Learn how to fire a rifle
  52.  Become fluent in Spanish
  53.  Become fluent in French
  54.  Learn arabic
  55.  Go to an Opera at la Scala, Milan
  56.  Learn how to play piano
  57.  Go to the Havana Jazz Festival
  58.  Climb (at least only a bit) of mount Everest
  59.  Visit the Taj Mahal (and take a cheesy photo next to it)
  60.  Swim with dolphins
  61.  See a Koala
  62.  Cuddle a Panda
  63.  Go on a Safari in Africa
  64.  Visit the Galapagos
  65.  Scuba Dive (Sharm El Sheik)
  66.  Snowboard  (Colorado)
  67. Do Rafting (Austria)
  68. Do Canyoning (Austria)
  69. Kayaking (Vietnam)
  70.  Horseback riding (Wyoming)
  71.  Witness a meteor shower in Iceland
  72.  Walk down the Great Wall of China
  73.  Cruise in the Greeks islands
  74. Cruise in Halong Bay, one of the Seven Natural Wanders
  75.  Work on a cruise
  76.  Work as an air hostess
  77.  Walk through the ruins of Pompei
  78. Karaoke in Japan
  79. Play at a Casino in Vegas
  80. Go to Coachella
  81. Go to Burning Man
  82. Go to Glastonbury

I’ll add more from time to time! Do you have any more to suggest me?