Easter Holidays in Fuerteventura, Spain

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Truth be told, Fuerteventura never appealed much to me. It simply wasn’t my type of holiday, going to some all-inclusive hotel where there is nothing else to see besides the “best beach” (they’re all equally beautiful) and the whole point of it is to relax, swim, sleep. Sounds great, but I hate going to places and don’t see the authentic side of them.


The first couple of days we were kind of forced to discover more of the Island. First of all, it was incredibly cloudy so the beach wasn’t an option. Secondly, I was stubbornly trying to prove my point to Alle that Fuerteventura is not that interesting. I wasn’t disappointed.

We drove around our Renault Clio that we cleverly rented out from the airport (Ryanair has a deal with Herzt so you can get a small discount if you fly with them) and ended up to Betancuria on Easter day. The day after, we visited some coastal towns looking for some fishing markets, or boats, or anyone fishing really, just because it seems one of the activities locals would do. Blame it on Easter, I don’t know, but not one soul was around. Which was kind of creepy but also quite cool.


Then the sun decided to make an appearance and it staid until the end of our vacation. I changed my approach, giving up to the idea of having a relaxing holiday without worrying too much – after all we weren’t travelling, we were on holiday, which some people don’t seem to realise are very different things.


We sunbathed and swam and slept enjoying the natural desert-y sights of the islands and the clear blue sea, discovering a different beach everyday that was a small piece of paradise. I would go as far as saying that they were better than what I’d seen in Thailand. If only the wind wasn’t blowing so hard! My hobby became making stone barriers/castles where to hide from it and relax, even though by the time I was done it was almost time to go back to the hotel.



The week flew by without realizing it, and I left on a bitter note sad not to have it enjoyed properly from the very beginning, and for taking not even one surfing lesson.



Best Bits:

Dine: La Frasquita, Caleta the Fuste. €50 for a two-course meal for two of fresh fish and wine. The menu comes lying on a tray.


Sunbathe: Mal Nombre’s beach is not in the hall of fame of Fuerteventura’s best beaches, probably because the water is not as flat as elsewhere. This makes it very quiet though and just a beautiful place for a walk at sunset. We loved Playa Esmeralda too, in Costa Calma.


Drink: Sangria, obviously! We loved Whahiki at Morro Jable, which has a wonderful view by the sea.

Walk: Corralejo Dunes, crazy and surreal views.


Shop: I might be wrong, but I found the best local vibe in Morro Jable. Lots of small boutiques and an African market. Oh, remember to buy some Aloe Vera!

Visit: risking your life might not be worth it, but there’s a lighthouse on top of a mountain with one of the worst roads to it I’ve ever seen. Once you get on top there’s a beautiful view and you can spot the little man in the lighthouse.


What to Avoid:

Corralejo beaches: the ones by the dunes are nice but infested by ladybirds, and the one in the city, well… You can guess.

Puerto Rosario: the capital and where the airport is, might be worth a visit… Only to get to the airport. Didn’t see anything interesting there, no offence.

Los Molinos Centro de Interpretación: Didn’t find anything there that was worth the ride.

Spending the whole time whithin the four walls of your hotel. It might be a small island, but there’s a lot to see.



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