Goodbye Asia, Hello Europe!

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Yes, you heard it right. The plan has changed, as it happens… At the end of the day, I love making plans just as much as I love breaking them.
So we decided to skip Laos and North Thailand and to make our way West, stopping first in Istanbul for a few days. After that, I will part from Alle – again! He will fly to Madrid to see some friends, and I, not quite ready to be home just yet, will make my way to Italy by land through the Balkans. How cool is that??

The countries will be Bulgaria, Serbia, (Sarajevo if I manage) and Croatia. Then either ferry to Italy (Ancona) or train through Slovenia and the Alps and on to Modena…

I’d love to hear from you if you’ve ever travelled those areas and have any tips on places I shouldn’t miss. It will ideally be around 2/3 weeks, depending on the money… After all I’ll need to get used to European prices, and I have loads of travel plans for the near future, can’t spend it all now!

Crazy to think this is my last week in Asia – flying out on Sunday! :/ But I’m just as much excited on what’s ahead… Stay tuned!


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