Hoang Trinh Hotel, Hoi An

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This is probably the best hotel we stayed at during our travels. Not because of its luxury (as it has absolutely nothing of luxurious), but thanks to the service we received while there.

They take care of you from the first moment you step in to the last when you leave, giving you daily treats of drinks and fruits or sweets, to a goodbye souvenir!
For $2 more you can also get breakfast – not the usual ‘baguette and omelette’ though, you can chose whatever you like from the menu, in as much quantity as your stomach can take.

The rooms are spacious and clean too, not the best furnishings but it’s not so important…

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  1. Shirley
    | Reply

    Yum breakfast 😉 It’s not really important to me the decorations, as long as the room is clean, especially the bathroom.. cool staff or not, as long as they do their jobs well.. they’re cool. What’s in the baguette?

    • carolinarin
      | Reply

      Agree with you!! But when travelling on a budget you dont often get to see such wonderful treatments 😉 it was a ham and salad baguette, delicious!!

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