Home Made Woman Traveler’s Haircut (or How To Cut Your Own Hair Not Making a Mess)

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Everything is almost ready for the big day, in less than a week I’ll be on a plane to India, I started the Malaria vaccine, bought the accessories… Wait. My hair is still half blond! Perhaps not a good idea to face a five-months journey in Asia like this with long and two-coloured hair.

Why does no one ever talks about women travelers’ hairstyles?! Or even men with long hair for that matter. How do you do when taking long, low budget trips?

Going to a tropical area it will be very hot and humid, and having only a backpack on me, the last thing I want is to take with me heavy hair products. But then again, why spending money on a haircut when I can do it myself? Ok, I have never really done it (except for some badly ended attempts in the past), but it can’t be that hard and I’m not going to a fashion show or anything, so….

Here we go, time for a cut!



What I did? Simply tied up a pony tail on top of my head, pull the hair towards the front, and ZAC!

(…I didn’t just invent this, my hairdresser told me to do so, and it actually works!)

Not sure I want to see the result….

Now, unless you have long hair like i do i used to, you cannot understand the feeling of desperation and liberation that I felt all at once. However, hair grows, so whatever!

Taadaa! It does look a bit better once dried though, but not bad right?!


Last but not least, I must thank my boyfriend for his technical AND emotional support during this weird experience!

Bye bye blondie me, hello traveler’s haircut!

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    Wow you are BRAVE haha

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