“Horning” in Modena: Raising Funds for India

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I know I mentioned it already, but I thought it would be nice to explain what it was all about more in specific, also hoping that you will “copy” this idea and do it yourselves too.

The reason why I barely had time to breath in the past month, was not only my moving back to London, but also because I had the crazy idea to set up a fundraising event. Which turned out to be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.
Yes, it sounded pretty easy at first: I’ll just show my favorite photos from my travels in Asia and sell them, sending the money in India!

But how to make people trusting you, and the fact you’ll actually send away the money and not keep it all to yourself?

And how to make them actually come, keeping the costs at minimum?

First of all, I made sure it wasn’t all on me, and that I had friends who were very kindly available to help.
Then the next more important (and hardest) thing was to find the right place, nicest and cheapest! I was very lucky to have a friend who’s uncle owns an empty shop in the city center, and they were so kind to lend it to me for those three days and for free.
Then the photo selection: I got so sick of looking at all my travel photos, that now I don’t want to see them anymore!!

After that it was all about making my hands dirty, whether cleaning the place or making the frames… And going around begging free food from an Indian restaurant in my town!

Overall it was such a good experience, we managed to raise a clean €2,500 that were sent to the kids in Bangalore. Simply heartwarming to see how much it can be done with so little.

So again, thank you all for coming and helping me out with this adventure, stay tuned because there will be more! And to know more, check out our Facebook page, Horn Please: Carolina Rinaldi per Sampark.


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