It Will Never Happen that I Take Air India Once Again

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I always said only one hour wasnt enough to get a connection. Nevertheless i still hoped for the best, and was it my optimism, or just luck within my bad luck, i still managed to get on the flight to Delhi. After running around the whole Frankfurt airport. Which happens to be one of the biggest airports I have ever been To. (It is when these things happen that i wish i was a sporty person).

So thankfully not only my Lufthansa flight from Milan to Frankfurt was late, but also the next one to Delhi – which takes me into saying just a couple of words about Air India. I am only an hour or so into the flight, but the first impression wasn’t that great at all… The plane is huge, and perhaps it’s only the economy class where I am in who knows, but it’s quite dirty from the flight before still, and looks like it’s not only from just one flight before! The seats are broken, it looks like it’s falling apart, plus what’s up with the movie choice?! There are only ten films to chose from! Not to say that I will feel lucky if we land, and im quite dreading the next connection to Lucknow, still with Air India. Fine, i might be slightly picky and annoying, but i just fell in love with Emirates last time, can’t blame me….
~Small update – after writing this I finished my journey with this lovely company, which managed to leave my baggage in Frankfurt even though before boarding the plane I asked them twice if it was inside, and twice they replied yes. It took it two more days to arrive in Allahabad airport, and the Air India guy there even told me that I was lucky my bag was on that plane, as other seven people’s ones had been left in Delhi.
Air India: never again.


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