Making My Own Silk Hoi An Lantern

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It’s been a while that I want to take a cooking class while in Asia, and in Hoi An I decided it was the right place – yes, here I swear I’ll do it! 

Then, strolling around the streets someone hands me a leaflet: I’m probably one of the 4/5 persons in the world that always takes leaflets in the streets. I feel bad for those who give them as they always get rejected, and more often than not they actually have some cool stuff on.
This time it was one of them, as the leaflet was given me by one of the disabled workers of Lifestart Foundation, offering a Lantern Making Class and a Traditional Painting Class… Much more original than a cooking one, right?!
We opted for the Lantern Making one, for $12.5 each (but you can also get both for $25). As soon as we arrived today at the time of the class, we were welcomed by super nice staff, and our teacher started by telling us a little bit more about the foundation… Founded in 2000 by an Australian lady, Lifestart Foundation provides work to Vietnamese with disabilities, helping them with working programs and initiatives. This way, it creates a sustainable income to the craftsmen and it ensures their self-sufficiency.
We moved upstairs shortly after and started working on our mini lantern just next four other women who were creating wonderful objects from silk cloths and recycled newspapers.
We then started by chosing the colour of our lantern, cut the cloth in four pieces and glue them on the wooden structure one by one…
This included some hardcore detail-cutting, and I’m surprised I managed not to make a mess!
Finally we picked a string of our preferred colour and finished the last garnishes…
…And here it is, my little-hand-made-by-me lantern! Isn’t it is an original hands on experience on Vietnamese culture? Make a difference while you travel, and try this unique workshops when you’re in Hoi An!
Can’t wait to hang them!
But it doesn’t end here… Because I liked it so much, I decided to give to one of you a little gift, as a thank you for having followed me during these three months on the road (yes, today!) and to contribute to the lives of the workers of Lifestart Foundation.
I bought a really cute bookmark, handmade by Hoa, in the shape of a Vietnamese lady wearing the traditional costume Ao Dai.
You can’t really tell from the picture, but the dress is made from the real costume cloth 😉
To participate it’s really simple: just leave a comment below with a link to your favourite post/photo on this website or on my Facebook page, and in exactly a week time (Sunday 12th May) I will draw the winner through! Then I will ship it to you as soon as I can – remember I’m on the road, so I’ll try my best to do it soon but I also can’t assure anything!!
Enjoy 🙂

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  1. *Wisher*
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    oh.. the bookmark is so so pretty.. I just found your blog and hope you are having fun Wherever you are… my fav will be:
    i love penang very much… safe travels.. 😉

  2. Nicole Lancaster
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    My favorite post on your website is

  3. Carolina
    | Reply

    Thank you all for your entries!! I will notify the winner by email, and ship the prize as soon as possible 🙂

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