Moving Homes: Nice to Meet You Again, London

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As some of you may already know, the reason why I’ve been so absent in this past month is that I was planning a move back to London. Not that that would take much of my time, as I’m now used to be moving house basically every year… But in the meanwhile I was also organizing a fundraising event in Modena, exhibiting some of my travel photographs, and that sucked away all my energy. But it was worth it, and to tell you the truth, I might do it again soon.

Back to us, I moved in London. Again. But let’s be honest, who can stay away from here for too long? I certainly don’t.
This time I’m in a completely different place again… When you live here, especially the first years and especially if you’re studying, it’s hard that you will spend the whole time in the same place – as in house. I am one of the few lucky people I’ve met that only changed three houses in four years, a record! And so I lived in (my beloved) Richmond, zone 4 South West, then Holloway Road, zone 2 North East, and the final two years in Euston, zone 1 at-the-heart-of-everything.
Each time I moved place was like starting all over again, having to find the closest grocery store, a hairdresser with the best prices, a bus stop with a night bus serving, and so on… However I got accustomed each time, and each time it became my home, breaking my heart when it came to leave it. (Oh whatever, I’m so boring when I get this melancholic!)

This time, besides moving in with Alle, I moved to a completely new place again: Stratford (zone 3, East).
… And again, I went through the usual process of “accustomization”:

    This is too far. Not to say the time I take now to get to the closest tube station by walk I used to take it to get to Oxford Circus when I was living in Euston. 
    God, there’s nothing going on in my road. And it’s a huge, super trafficked one.
    Too modern, it’s missing its authenticity.
    I hate stupid Westfield.
    Oh cool! There’s a pretty canal that can take me straight to Angel, a beautiful Sunday ride by bike!
    YES! Huge Tesco 5 mins away!
    The coolest pub I’ve ever seen is just down the road!
    Straight bus to central London!
    The final touches to the flat made it look so cosy…

I always go through the same process, and even though I know I do eventually get used every time, it’s always hard at first. This time especially, as I moved from my home town in Italy, leaving friends and family behind once again.

The trick? Get out. Explore your surroundings. Meet new people, from your neighbor to the indian guy from the off license. Make it your home, even if it’s only a temporary one (one of my mom’s best advices).

One week on from arriving, I created my perfect ecosystem… Perfect to spend my days applying for jobs online. Ohhhh but that’s another story…. Unless you want to hire me.

Do you go through the same when moving house?? I’d love to hear if I’m the only crazy one around!

The “view” from our balcony

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