My Week on Instagram #2

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It’s already been a week since I started this column! It was actually quite an awful one as I got ill and spent three days in bed with the fever… Didn’t do much too interesting, but I did manage to spend another two days ‘recovering’ at the beach and exploring yet another beautiful part of Italy (of which I will post about tomorrow so stay tuned!). 🙂

From Top Left…

Procrastination… Yeah. Doesn’t need much explanation this one, does it? Only know one thing: never keep Nutella around when you’re spending your days editing photos (or doing whatever else) in front of a computer. It gets addicting.

Daydreaming El Camino… De Santiago, of course! When I was recovering from the fever I watched the American/Spanish production The Way, a film about a man who decides to continue his son’s pilgrimage after he died. Inspiring, and it definitely got on my bucket list of adventures to take on soon.

Black Gold… Where I’m from, Modena, Balsamic Vinegar is a BIG thing. The best ones are made here, it’s a tradition that goes a long way back… And most of the families you will speak to will have their own big or small production. My mom has a tiny one too, which we keep for our own use and to give as gifts to family and (mainly foreign) friends. This week, it was the time to bottle up our little treasure!

New Toy… Somehow, Cody’s toys always manage to disappear from my house. But I never give up, and continue buying him some from time to time 😉 What do you think of the latest?

New Adventure Companion… You know I’m not a sporty person by now. But unfortunately my boyfriend is. A lot. So instead of fighting back, I decided to give in and try to do some activities before my bum gets old and fat.
I thought the bike as the best option, especially in summer when you can ride around the countrysides and explore your town… So as I do enjoy cycling and I still don’t have a mean of transportation besides my feet, I got a new one too which I will actually use for the first time today – can’t wait!

The Flag… As they say, ‘The Italian Pride’ is the Tricolor Arrows of the Italian National Aerobatic Patrol. We had the pleasure to witness their exhibition this Sunday from the comfort of our beach beds, and it was a really unique experience. They’re not bad right?!

Another type of flag… Walking around in Chioggia yesterday, I couldn’t help but noticing this worn out flag hang by a window. As an Italian, I found it very meaningful.

Hey, Mr Captain!… Just a funny shot I took while in Chioggia, in the province of Venice. The dog seems to have found his perfect spot!

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