My Week on Instagram #3

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This week I posted only photos from my recent travels, such as my visit to Chioggia last weekend, or this week’s excursion to Mount Pasubio and its 52 Galleries Road… So not much happened besides that! 😉


Vietnamese Coffee for Breakfast…  The best way to start off a good week! I bought the condensed milk and made a “proper” Vietnamese coffee <3

Everyone Starts Somewhere… Perfect shot of the perfect dive in Sottomarina di Chioggia. ‘Nuff said.

Fishing Boats… Huge fishing boats coming back to town in Chioggia, surrounded by seagulls attracted by their preys…

52 Gallerie… I really had to fight my claustrophobia, vertigo and fear of the dark during this hike!

The View… No words can describe the views from the top of the mountain!

Love Love Love… Just a cheesy photo of me and Alle 😉

Classic… Who hasn’t done such a photo when on top of a mountain?! Was hard to look down, but it was simply beautiful! This was shot in Mount Spitz, on day 2 of our hikes.



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