My Week on Instagram #4

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… Finally, July is ending! How has your month been? For me it was quite boring, even though I’ve been in many different beautiful places here in Italy. But I’m starting to feel the need to leave and go to the other side of the planet again!

From Top Left

Sleepy Cody… By now you must know him! This one was taken while he was waking up, he loooves sleeping on that ugly towel!

Cutest Girl, Zagreb… This is my friend Igor’s beautiful daughter – I met him (with Karlo and Yaser) on a train in India and ended up travelling with them to Varanasi for a few days. Our paths soon split up, but we met again in Zagreb, where he’s from, and had the pleasure to meet his lovely family!

Da Enzo Restaurant… One of my favourite restaurants in Modena, where I often go with my father and my brother. Loved the perspective from below of the windows, on a hot day of Italian summer.

Modern Art… The other evening I went to my friend Matteo’ exhibition at Il Cantuccio, a cute little bar in the historic part of Modena. This is one of my favourite pieces exposed!

Night Out… To take a break from the hot weather of Modena, me and my friends escaped for a day at the seaside of our Riviera, on the Adriatic Sea that I so much ‘love’… Only a couple of hours from here, the good thing about it is that we can go even for only a day – and come back at night after partying! 😉

First Attempt at Stencil… Here I was trying out some works for my mother’s business, who imports British beauty products in Italy. We made some ‘homemade’ recycled wooden boxes (with the help of a friend carpenter), sprayed them white and stenciled the brand’s name on top. They will be then exposed together with the products at fairs and shops.
Must admit though, the stencil was made by Alle who turned out really good at it!

Result… This is what came out of it, how do you like it?! Yes, we had some Champagne in aid 🙂

Monsoons in Modena, Italy… Today’s crazy weather. Didn’t know I was back in monsoon area!

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