My week on Instagram – The Beginning!

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I’ve always criticized Instagram and its users so much you can’t even imagine. And now look at me, I’m addicted, and I’m even creating its own column!

Well, you know what they say, the first step is admitting you have a problem…

And so I thought it would have been a good idea now that I’m back and don’t write so often anymore, to keep you updated on what I’m doing through the photos I post on Instagram. Nothing new nor original, but it works!

[Scary music in the background] …You know what this means right… I’m gonna post so much more on Instagram you guys are gonna get sick of me in two weeks! 

From Top Left…

My wonderful baby son. Alright, he’s not a baby anymore and mostly he’s not my natural son, but I love Cody just as much! This photo was taken after he’d been washed, too bad you can’t smell his parfume from here. Doesn’t happen often that he smells good unfortunately.

Alle’s Birthday. Do you recognize him?! He’s that guy that decided to leave everything and follow me for 3 months in Asia. Yes he’s amazing. It was his birthday last week, and I decided to throw him a surprise party – never done something so difficult and stressful!! It turned out all good thankfully 🙂

Mini Hedgehog. One of the cutest things ever! I found it in a park on Sunday, but had to resist taking it home with me… Hope its mom found it!

“Ok, let’s book it!”. Agnese had just given her last exam of the year, and we couldn’t resist but going celebrating at the seaside. So we picked a place, booked the hotel, and off we went! Of course it was Liguria 😉

Old Habits Die Hard. A sweet old couple relaxing at the seaside in Santa Margherita Ligure, a cute little town in Liguria where I spent two days this week.

Blue Blue Blue Sea. How amazing was the sea in Paraggi?? Can’t wait to go back.

Art in Progress. It’s always good to know your town embraces street art, and I had the pleasure to witness it in the making on this Friday.

Making New Friends. My mom’s husband took back this horrible Chinese Soldier statue after a trip there, and I tried to making it a bit funnier by putting on top of it my Vietnamese hat… Here Alle was trying to take a photo of it, but I captured  him in a way that it seems he was speaking to the statue – love it!

A Day in Lake Garda. It was my friend Max’ birthday last week, and we celebrated it on Saturday in the craziest place: Trattoria Ago&Rita, a typical restaurant where after eating you jump on tables and dance and sing… Of course. Had lots of fun, and to make it even better the trattoria was right in front of Lake Garda, so after eating we jumped in the water straight away!


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