New Rani Inn, Negombo

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This is the first of what I hope will be a long series of hotel reviews… If I manage to!
I chose to do so as I realized while traveling how many places offer a really good quality/price ratio, but they are in the shadow of the ones who are established enough to be online or on guides. Plus, as a budget traveler, I find it important to share with others like me my findings on the road.
In Sri Lanka it has been a bit challenging to find “clean and cheap” accomodations, what it is now become my motto. However, I still managed to find a couple that were worth it, and you can find the full list in my Itinerary post.
In Negombo, I stayed for a night at New Rani Inn Guest House and Restaurant, just off the main Sea side road where you can find all of the other hotels on the beach. Most of them have high pretentious prices only because they face a dirty beach, so me and my boyfriend decided to check the backstreets – and bumped into New Rani’s.
The atmosphere is really homely, the two owners are genuinely nice and make it feel like a homestay. The nine rooms’ prices range from Rs 2500 to Rs 4000 (somehow Negombo is one of the most expensive places I’ve visited in Sri Lanka), all of which are double and with toilet. The forniture is very simple but it has all of the necessary amenities, and the building is currently being refurbished so it shall be much improved.
Free wi-fi in the main hall, it also reaches inside the downstairs’ room (where we were staying).
In the main hall you can also find the restaurant, where we had our delicious dinner cooked by a chef who lived in Italy for three years – it made us feel at home! The price for a meal ranges around Rs 1000 each, so still a bit pricey, but you can’t really find much cheaper around here – and if it is it’s crap.
Let me know what your thoughts of the place are, I am sure you will enjoy it!



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