Penang – Krabi By Minivan

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Just a quick note on transports between Malaysia and Thailand by land, as before leaving I made a lot of researches on the Internet and just couldn’t find anything simpler that ‘take a bus, then a boat, then a fast boat then another bus….‘ and so on, making it also very expensive all together. The simpler one seemed to be a flight between KL and Phuket, but whenever possible I want to travel by land – so I set off to town to find another easier and cheaper solution.

The best we could find is the minivan, with pick up from our hotel, change in Hat Yai and drop off in Krabi town. All in one ticket, for RM 550 each, with also the customs stops.
Now, everyone we spoke to warned us about the awfulness of traveling by minivan, but they clearly didn’t travel in India before (or anywhere similar), and to me this was luxury. Inside it fits up to ten people in comfortable seats, and the driving really isn’t anything so disturbing.
We left at 8am, and at 5pm we were in Krabi – count that Thailand is one hour behind, so it is eight hour journey overall.
Have you ever traveled by minivan? How was your experience?

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