Rolling South to the Heel of the Boot (Salento, Italy)

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You might notice I didn’t just say in the title Puglia, as it is the name of the region where I went to, but I specifically said Salento, which is the southern most part of Puglia. Why so?!
I’ve been to this area enough times in my life to learn the foundamental distinction that the people from here make to the ones from the rest of Puglia: they are not Pugliesi, they are Salentini!! So make sure you never get this mistaken when you’re there 😉


What’s unique about this area is that it’s the strip of land that divide the two seas, Adriatic and Ionian, a limestone rock that offers some rare views. The water is crystal clear and from here you can easily rent a boat a go to Albania or Greece in a day! Yeah, it’s quite cool.


Back to us.

Last week me and my friend Agnese decided last minute to pack and go South for the weekend, tired of the city and wanting a last tan. What we didn’t quite count was that driving for 1,000 Km there and back in a five-days spam would have been seriously tiring – I got ill both ways from the AC! But if you don’t do it at our age, when then?

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And so we rolled, and in 8 hours we were at Agnese’s beautiful little house near Otranto, the town were I used to spend my summers when I was a kid.

On Friday we had a relaxing day, spending it at the rocky beach of beautiful Porto Badisco. Being a bit dazed from the flu, I forgot my camera’s SD at home and couldn’t take any photo, so the next one is taken from Wikipedia (sorry!). I was punished for it no worries: I stayed all day in the shadow for I was feeling so bad! And couldn’t even touch this beautiful water…


At night we chilled at Agnese’s place with her friends from Puglia, Davide, Nicola and Andrea, having pizza and relaxing in her cute little patio…


Saturday we decided to stay in the area, and spent the day all together at the beach of Conca Specchiulla, five minutes from Torre dell’Orso. If you’re around, don’t miss a visit to Giro di Boa, a bar on the beach that makes amazing Friselle (crusty wet bread with chopped tomatoes and oil on top), and other fast traditional food.

At night, I had one of the best nights ever. We went to a concert on the beach of a very famous reggae band from Salento, Sud Sound Sytem, and they’re literally seen as Gods there. Plus, I love their music (went already to their concert in Bologna few years ago, but it was a completely different atmosphere as you can imagine!) and it doesn’t happen often to hear them live under the stars of their sky… It was simply amazing.

For the two days after, Sunday and Monday, we just hung out near the area, especially because we never put the alarm and always got up around lunchtime… too tired to go far!
Sunday we explored some of the nearby cliffs in the evening, before going to one of the funniest nights of my life: Festa Te Lu Mieru, a sort of wine harvest party which is usual in all regions of Italy at this time of year. This one was special though, as we witnessed something that is hard to get in the north: tradition embraced by all, young and old.
Everyone was dancing Pizzica, a typical dance of the area, and me and Agnese tried our best to keep up with their bouncy steps!

Monday we spent few hours on the beach to get a last sun before making our way north… In the evening we stopped in Ostuni, the White Town, where we stayed for the night. We walked around the old town at dark and had a delicious dinner at Casa San Giacomo, which ended our beautiful long weekend in the heel of Italy.

Tuesday me and Agnese were back on the road towards Modena, for another 1,000 never-ending km that would take us home…

And I got the flu again.


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    Cool pics – and great trip!!!!

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      Grazie mille! E complimenti per il blog! ☺

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        Oooh ma grazie!! :D:D

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