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Last week in Singapore I went back in time and felt excited like a child again when I was queuing up at Singapore Zoo, impatient to finally see a Panda and all the other cool animals that it hosts. (I’m a big animal lover, and I’m starting to contemplate whether maybe I’ve chosen the wrong path…)

Set in the north of Singapore, this rainforest zoo is owned by WRS:
Wildlife Reserves Singapore is the holding company of award-winning attractions Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari, Singapore Zoo and the upcoming River Safari. WRS is dedicated to the management of world-class leisure attractions that foster conservation and research while educating visitors about animals and their habitats.
A self-funded organisation, WRS also collaborates with various partners, organisations and institutions aimed to protect local and global biodiversity. Each year, Jurong Bird Park welcomes over 900,000 visitors, Night Safari 1.1 million, and Singapore Zoo 1.7 million.
WRS parks are the first zoological institutions in Southeast Asia to achieve both ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications, which indicate compliance with the highest standards in environment, health and safety standards.

Sexy time going on…
Lunch time!



2,800 animals live in this tropical raiforest, and there’s plenty to see from feeding sessions, shows and rides… I partecipated in a feeding session too, and gave some carrots to a baby giraffe with a crazy long tongue!

King Julian!

The entrance fee is $22, plus others if you want to take one of the rides:
Unlimited Boat Rides: $6 (adult), $3.50 (child);
Unlimited Tram Rides: $5 (adult), $3 (child);
Wild Discoverer Tour: $28 (adult), $18 (child);
Animal Rides, including Horse, Pony and Elephant, range from $4 to $8 (adult/child).
There is also an extra fee to pay when feeding the animals, usually $5 for a plate of fruit, and when going in the Pandas’ garden, $5 as well.
Overall we paid $59 in two, which included the entrance, 15 minutes in the Pandas garden and my Giraffe’s feeding. Reeeaaally expensive if you are travelling on a budget like we are, but soo worthy! 😉

Kai Kai

Red pandas were there too!
Have you been? What were your thoughts on it?
Short note – getting there is quite tricky if you’re coming from the north of Singapore (we were in Marsiling, and there’s a direct bus only on Sundays and Public Holidays). We took two buses to get there, and to go back we wanted to take the quicker taxi, but NO ONE wanted to take us because it was such a short ride and preferred to go central.
It got really frustrating for us as we hopped on and off many taxis and all of them were making different stupid excuses, from having a booking south to changing shifts and so on. It seemed they just enjoyed taking the piss. We finally managed to get one only after going to the zoo’s office and booking one from there, at a fee!
It was crazy and almost ruined the earlier experience at the zoo. Definitely need to be sorted out.

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  1. dead cockroach
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    If you are in Marsiling, you could have taken the MRT to Choa Chu Kang where there is a direct bus service (927 ) to the zoo or 926 from Ang Mo Kio.

    • carolinarin
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      Thank you for the tip! Unfortunately I didn’t know, and the rush to get to the border didn’t make us think clearly!
      I hope your suggestion will help some readers 🙂

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