The City of Angels, Bangkok Thailand

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Bangkok is simply one of the coolest places I’ve ever been to: the people are nice, it’s easy to get around, it’s cheap and fashionable, and crazy and chilled in the same time. There’s something for everyone, and it’s one of those places where I could live in.

Tourismwise however, I can’t say it offers much… As most of Asian metropolies, it has a huge variety of shopping malls and temples, but after seeing a couple you’ve seen them all. I have never seen so many Buddhas in so many looks and sizes as I have in Bangkok.
We stopped here for five days as we were planning to apply for the Vietnamese Visa, which of course didn’t happened, as instead we visited the town, celebrated Songkran and relaxed before Cambodia.
The highlights of our stay were definitely the following:
Wat Pho aka the Reclining Buddha Temple
“… But why, ‘Reclining’?!?”
“Yeh Alle, it’s laid down!”
“Ohh I thought they were cleaning it!”
Gotta love this boy.
We also got stuck under the rain, which once again delayed our day plan and once again we took shelter inside a temple! This time though, instead of some funny monk-musicians, we met an hilarious Texan family and their Mexican friend on holiday in Thailand…
The day after, the rain turned into the biggest water battle on earth: it was time for Songkran, Thai new year! It is a three days celebration all across Thailand in which water is sprayed to everyone as a symbolic mean to wash away the past year and welcome the new.
…And after!
It was so much fun to celebrate it with the Thais in the busy Silom Road, but to be honest – a day was enough to me!! Others didn’t think the same though, so everyone kept on spraying for days to follow, never once I made it back to the hotel dry!
Songkran photos are by Vojkan Dimitrijevic, who besides being a super cool couchsurfing host, he’s also an amazing photographer!
Last but not least highlight of my stay, I visited a couple of exhibitions at BACC, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, a place that I just couldn’t miss.
To know more on them, check my other post here.
What is the best experience you had in Bangkok?? I’d love to hear some of yours 🙂



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