Trekking Through Teluk Bahang National Park, Penang

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I’m not a huge fan of hiking, but when I’m at a new place I like to explore all of its beauties, including forests if their part of it. Especially if they end up at a beach.
In Penang, me and Alle set off to the National Park in Teluk Bahang, and when we got there we found out it actually has many paths and walks one can do, leading to various beaches and the lighthouse. We picked the Monkey Beach itinerary (we’re getting quite obsessed now) and started our trekking, diversing it briefly for a walk between trees, on top of the Canopy Walkway, a sort of bridge 10m high!
Now, everyone who knows me best also knows I have a terrible fear of heights. It’s not really the height that scares me, but being on top of something that might break and fall, such as the London Eye, rollercoasters or such, weird canopy bridges built on trees metres high, etc.
Strangely enough, I’m not afraid of flying. Thank God.





Back to the hike, I’m no pro in these things so I don’t know the standards, but let me say for me it was quite hard. It’s all a up/down kind of path, trying to avoid bushes and the trees in your way, climbing stairs and rocks of all kind. It’s only a few km away, but it seemed much longer – probably also due to the heat.


‘Oh this is gonna be eeasyy!’

‘Yeah, nevermind!’








Finally we arrived on Monkey beach, and even though I was glad to throw myself in the water, it wasn’t such a nice beach! Apparently in fact the best one is Pantai Kerachut, but the woman at the front desk told us that Monkey Beach is the best for swimming, as in the other there were jellyfishes. It is still a nice beach where to relax and have some quick noodles however, or watch monkeys stealing coconuts and eat them on top of trees!

Finally I see the light!


The entry to the park is free (unlike somewhere else), but we had to pay RM 5 each for the bridge, which is just over a Euro. Once you enter you need to register at the reception and let them know where you are going (I guess in case something happens) and to get there it took us 30 minutes by scooter from Georgetown. However there is the rapid bus 101 from Georgetown that takes you there too.

Overall, it was a really cool experience, great to do something different away from the mess of town!


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