Trying out this SmartBox thing in Florence

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I’m sorry I’m not being so keen on writing recently, but I’m working on sooo much stuff it’s unbelievable… I will tell you more about it soon, promise!

So last week I had the pleasure to visit my beloved Florence once more, as my mother asked me to help her at an artistic perfume fair, Pitti Fragranze (I really discovered a whole new incredible world in there!).

As the day before we should have gone it was also my second anniversary with Alle (oh yeah, record!), we decided to go there early just us two, using his sister’s birthday present: a dinner for two with Smart Box.

If anyone of you has lived far far away for the past couple of years, here’s a short description taken from their website:

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 22.35.37

I’ve never been a fan of gift cards and such things, as I don’t like showing the price of the gift and it seems to me they’re only there when you’re not so sure on what to give. However, the price of the SmartBox is shown only on the outer film, which you just need to remove if you don’t want the person you give it to to see it. Also, I must admit that when these things are well organized, it can really come out something special.

Back to us, we had a €? dinner at a chosen restaurant, and we carefully chose Cascina de’ Fagiolari, which provided the best quality/price ratio as we were also spending the night there. Needless to say, the place was absolutely beautiful, and perfect for such a romantic escape. We spent the day at the swimming pool all by ourselves too!

The restaurant was instead quite busy (it seemed we weren’t the only ones using those gifts), and we went on ordering what we were supposed to:

  • A first ‘house’ dish
  • Grilled mixed meat
  • A glass of Chianti wine

To my disappointment however I found that, even though both dishes were big portions, they were only for one person, and we were supposed to divide them between the two. Also, we asked for a whole bottle of wine instead of the one glass, ordered two (delicious) desserts from the menu, and we were finally charged another €29… Not knowing the initial price, it left me a weird questioning feeling – did we pay the right amount overall? Was it worth it?

We still enjoyed the dinner and were glad for having received such present. Talking to some friends though, I was told that the SmartBox is ‘outdated’ now, as it was an original idea when it first came out but not anymore… I don’t quite get why would this be so, but do you agree? Would you buy a SmartBox even now, knowing that it won’t be such an original present as it would have been two years ago?

And have you ever received such gift? How did you like it?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!



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