Two Days Escape in Chioggia, Venice

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It was only fair that after visiting a part of Geneva, I would do the same with Venice – the former’ commercial rival during the Medieval times…

But the merchants’ history wasn’t the reason why I went: my aunt and uncle bought a house in Sottomarina di Chioggia a year ago, and I decided it was the time to go visit them. In my expectations, this Chioggia was a nice little fishing village kind of thing, a good place where to relax especially when you’re old. Probably this was the reason why I delayed my visit for so long.

Well, I was very much mistaken.

First of all, I discovered Chioggia is actually an island (and much bigger than what it looks like from the other side of the lagoon). Then, I discovered that Sottomarina is a strip of land that sits right between the lagoon, and the sea.

The two are the two sides of the same coin: on one side, you have Sottomarina, a typical italian seaside town, with huge beaches and lots of activities for youngsters and elders (and dogs!).

And here is where me and Alle spent the first day, chilling and sunbathing on not-such-a-nice beach that however does the job. The first impression wasn’t great (especially being it Sunday and so crammed with people), mostly the sea, but it has a lot of space and amenities for any need. That day there was also an amazing show of our Tricolor Arrows in the sky, a pleasure to watch from the comfort of your beach bed 🙂

Walking ten minutes across the town, you will suddenly find yourself in a complete different setting. In front of you, only small fishing boats and a fantastic view of Isola Cartieri.

The second day we crossed the bridge only to find ourselves in Little Venice. Really, words cannot describe the beauty of this hidden gem of Italy – and my amazement in finding it.

I know I’m easy to please, but this place really has no flaws to me. Especially for those who want to see Venice but are put off by its expensive prices, Chioggia is only 45 minutes south and offers just as much magic… So, Chioggia, beware cause I’ll be back!

Which one do you like most? Venice or Chioggia?? 


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