Two Days Escape in the Ligurian Coast

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What I love most about my town Modena, is probably its position within Italy: in a couple of hours I can get almost anywhere in the north. This said, I still have to see so much, reason why I decided that this summer I will focus on re-discovering my beautiful country.

Liguria is a small region in the North-East of Italy, a strip of land that sits ‘heavily’ on the sea with its mountains.  Only 200km from Modena, I decided it was the best place where to take a break from the humidity of the city for a short time… So with my friend Agnese we jumped in the car and rolled East!

We arrived on Tuesday in Rapallo, a small town in Geneva’s province, which we chose as a ‘base’ for its lower hotel prices compared to the rest of the area. After leaving our bags at Hotel Mignon Posta (€85 for a twin on we went straight to the beach in Santa Margherita Ligure, another village about 3km away.





The weather wasn’t the best for sunbathing though, so we took a stroll around the small rocky town…

…And made our way all the way up the hill, to beautiful Villa Durazzi (€5,50 Adult Ticket). Oh, the gardens of this place! Haven’t seen such a peaceful and romantic spot in a while…

When our friends Diletta and Giovanni arrived, we decided to have a posh drink in Portofino, a picturesque town south of Santa Margherita. Portofino is just as famous all over the world as it’s beautiful, but perhaps not the right place if you’re travelling on a budget!

We had wine at La Gritta, a bar&restaurant on the port owned by Mr. Pietro, one of the funniest persons you’ll ever meet! Great food and drinks, good atmosphere, perfect choice.


Then we moved to another bar towards Santa Margherita, Capo Nord, right on the cliff. Here you can get some great views of the Tigullio Bay, but careful not drinking too much as the roads there are a mess. I witnessed three accidents that night, and one of them was ours! Don’t worry, nothing serious and it wasn’t even our fault – an idiot on a scooter had the brilliant idea of passing a car right in curve, and in so doing he messed up two cars and its own Vespa.

The day after the sun was shining bright and calling for us to soak up to it, so we decided to explore also the town of Camogli… Well, its beach.
Just as all the other beaches in Liguria, its small and all made of rocks, so no sand and very crowded… Prepare for some rocky time! But hey, the sea is just worth it.

Lastly, we were missing something… That tiny little place we crossed each time on the way to Portofino… Yes, Paraggi! A village that extends on the sea for 2km only, and of which name literally means ‘in the neighborhood’, was definitely worth a visit. And it did not disappoint us at all! At first you will notice only an overcrowded beach full of water games, but once you look down the cliff you will see all the little spots on the rocks, hidden from everything, perfect to relax.

We could enjoy it only for a short while though, as it was time to get back on the road, and make our way home just in time for dinner…


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