VFNO in Florence, Italy

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As I mentioned in the previous post, I went to Florence to work at Pitti Fragranze for the weekend. The first day was all about setting up the stand, something we finished in a few hours but made us ridiculously tired (oh, good ol’ fairs…). So after a short nap at the hotel, we rolled out of bed to get something to eat in the historical city center.

We had dinner in cute little Trattoria Bordino, just next to Ponte Vecchio, which serves really good food for a very affordable price (given the position!)… Just don’t expect too good of a service.
After dinner we went for a stroll, and noticed it was way too crowded for a Thursday evening: I’ve never seen Ponte Vecchio so packed with people dancing, it literally was turned into a club! Way cool. And so we realized it was Vogue Fashion Night Out, and passed the rest of the evening gazing at what fashionistas were wearing, and me cursing I didn’t put on something more suitable for the occasion.

Here’s some shots of Florence by night, enjoy!


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