This section is dedicated to my own experiences in getting visas to the various countries I’m visiting, reporting one by one each time and trying to offer a first hand take on the experience. However, I am a EU citizen so these information won’t help if you’re a different nationality.
If you’re a US citizen, then check out Vagabondish website to compare the visa requirements by country.


There are loads of types of Visas you can apply for to go to India. However, if you’re a foreign national only going to travel, you need to apply for the 6 Months Tourist Visa with Multiple Entry. Applications can be filled online on this website, printed off and submitted to the visa office in your nearest town.

The one I got in London was a straightforward process, cheap and easy to get: I simply had to go to the visa office in Victoria, submit the application form and all the related documents, and wait until it was ready to pick up! It took 10 days and it cost £30 only.
For more info check their website:

In Italy, unless you are from Milan or Rome (where the two visa offices are) you will have either to travel to those cities twice, or send the application via TNT. The latter costs €20 each way, still cheaper than the train ticket. However, add the €40 to the visa price, €68 for a national, and it gets quite expensive…
You can find the full list of visa costs here.
(ohh, if only Italy colonized India too…)


You can very easily apply for a Sri Lankan Visa online, paying $30 on this website:

However, there is also the Visa on Arrival possibility in Colombo Airport (and I think in the others too), which is fast and saves you $5.


Easiest Visa ever – you get one straight away when you land at the airport, but be careful as it lasts only for 30 days ($25). If you want it longer, you need to apply at the embassy.
BEWARE! Denpasar (Bali) Airport has an airport fee which may take you by surprise when you fly out from there. Don’t forget to have another $20 or the same amount in Indonesian Rupees when you leave.


Free visa on arrival valid for 30 days.
REMEMBER: Thai Visa is valid for only 14 days if you arrive by land!


You can get the visa on the border (if coming by land) or on arrival (by plane) easily for $20.
BEWARE!! Coming by land from Thailand you will be DEFINITELY be scammed. Or they will try to at least. If you go to the border with a rickshaw or taxi, they will take you to private agencies where they will try to convince you that they are customs and you make the visa there. It’s FALSE. YOU MAKE THE CAMBODIAN VISA AFTER DEPARTING FROM THAILAND. So no need to make a visa before customs – especially from stupid guys wearing basketball jerseys and caps telling you they are officials. You will spot the real officials because they wear uniforms.


Vietnamese Visa unfortunately needs to be sorted out before getting to the border.
It will take a couple of days in Phnom Penh or only 10 minutes in Sihanoukville, valid for 30 days at the cost of $60 – this highly varies from your nationality, some countries have it more expensive, others free!


*Remember – before applying for any type of visa, always check on the consulate’s website for any important notice, and all the documents you will need to take with you (including two photographs, 2″ x 2″ or 5cm x 5cm).

**I will update this page step by step when I get the other visas!**