Wandering Around Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

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You know by now that I like art in all of its forms, but what you may not know is how I am always appealed to museums, their aura inside, and most of all their architecture – especially when it come to contemporary art museums.

When in Bangkok I just couldn’t miss a visit to BACC, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, and not knowing what exhibition was there, me and Alle decided to have a look. The structure makes the museum outstand from the outside’ chaos: white walls, sleek floors  that develp upwards in spirals and bright light blend together architecturarly similarly to New York’s Guggenheim, and makes it a great place where to go even only to take a break and relax.
I was amazed by the topics of the three exhibitions I visited: prostitution in the ASEAN countries, Buddhism Philosophy in Contemporary Art, and Pharmacide Arts & Counterfeits Goods.
All three were such contemporary issues which may not be particularly covered in the news (especially in the West), as well as controversial and thought-provoking.
The first and smallest exhibition, Yet, still we dance! was organized by EMPOWER, a Thai Foundation that promotes sex workers rights.
Only running for ten days in April, it had art works by sex workers from the various countries of the ASEAN Economic Community – which, for those of you who don’t know, include the South East Asian countries of Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Philippines and others. ASEAN does not include any right for sex workers in those societies, and the latter are still discriminated.
“Everytime we saw our friends face covered in the media as if we were criminal I feel hurt. I don’t know how to change this. When we start to draw pictures on these bags they are so beautiful. I think other people may want to join us inside these beautiful bags.”

The aim of the exhibition was thus to raise awareness on the impact of the discrimination and hatred: “it is time for new understanding, respect and ways of thinking about sex workers in Asean”.
In the main gallery instead, it is set until the 5th May 2013 A Study of Buddhist Philosophy and the Creativity in Contemporary Art:
“The idea is to analyze and synthesize how art, culture, and philosophy are rapidly changing and giving out influences among each other by using various media and materials that are assembled to produce the creations of paintings, sculptures, mixed media arts, and installation arts.”
The artists used their works to develop the concepts of Buddhist Dharma and Philosophy, together with the meaning of society and human beings, and the constant contrast between outer and inner world, old and n
And lastly, we visited Pharmacide Arts and Counterfeit Goods, which explored the effect of counterfaction of goods on the global economy, seen as ‘parallels’. To my surprise, I found out how ‘goods’ is not limited to a luxury brand or some electronic products made cheaply in China, but it is a whole industry of anything from Staedler pens to Angry Birds products to EPSON ink tanks and so on. But worst of all, there is a huge industry of counterfeit medicines, which can have a deadly effect on those people using them – mostly from poorer countries.
No photos were allowed inside so I could take only this one, sorry!
To know more, visit BACC website here.

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