Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

Finally I’m taking part at one of Word Press’ weekly photo challenges, something I always wanted to do but just couldn’t get into it for some reason!

This week the challenge is based on Focus, an element of photography that has been my main problem for a long time – as my lenses wouldn’t focus as I wanted, and most times I didn’t realized the subject was blurred and completely ruined my picture. (Has it ever happened to you?)

I still make mistakes from time to time, but I think I’ve learnt how to master the depth of field after some practice (and new lenses!).
Here’s my first entry, a photograph I took this March in Sri Lanka, while travelling on a four-month trip around SEA:


I was on the slow train from Nuwara Elia to Ella, and during one of the many stops I decided to take some photos from the door. Two kids saw me from their window seats and we played together, them making funny faces and me portraying them. This one is my favourite, as it shows the surprise and just their heads peaking out in curiosity.

I find it important to have a slightly shallow depth of field, enough to show the setting, but not so much to put the subjects on the same level as the background.

The next photo was taken in Vietnam, and it shows the opposite way of using the depth of field – especially when shooting landscapes as I did here.


Here you can clearly see everything that happens in the frame, as deep as the far mountains in the back.

Hope you liked my two chosen photographs, let me know what your thoughts are on them and if you agree with my points! :)


26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

  1. Stephanie

    I learned a lot from your observations, and your pictures are stunning, but I am completely enraptured by the composition of the shot with those little faces.

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    1. carolinarin

      Haha seriously! I think cause I was basically travelling all the time and barely found the time to post on the blog! But now I will start properly to take part in it ;)

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  5. Jeff Sinon

    Welcome to the challenge! Great use of DOF in both of the photos. I like the way you used just the “right” DOF for the first. Showing the background just enough in focus so you get a sense of place, while not distracting from the subjects of the photo.

      1. Jeff Sinon

        I certainly do. There are times, in my case a nice wildflower photo, that I want the background completely out of focus. There are others where I want the BG just soft enough that it’s still recognizable, but like your great photo of the kids on the train, not a distraction from the subject. I think you executed this perfectly.

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