Welcome to the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

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Yesterday me and Alle arrived to Ubud,in the Bali highlands.
As we only have two days to explore the area, we set off right away to the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, just down the road from our guest house and in the middle of town. As we are traveling with a monkey too, and Alle saw his first monkey in Sri Lanka, we are getting more and more passionate about this funny looking animal, especially the smart Balinese Macaques. It’s also funny because I’ve always seen them quite gross and too similar to rats for my taste, but after leaving this place I decided I want one!

Lost baby monkey
Come to mommy
The forest is a holy place towards nature and animals in general, housing three Holy Monkey Temples: Pura Dalem Agung Temple is the most prominent between them, Holy Bathing Temple is formed of Utama Mandala (area of the god), Madia Mandala (by the holy pool, reserved for disciples) and Nista Mandala (a bridge, it is the bathing place reserved for human beings). Last but not least is the third temple, the Pura Prajapati – funeral or cremation temple.
The Sanctuary also follows in its ceremony and its daily routine the Tri Hita Karana Doctrine – three armonius relationships that when respected lead us to achieve peace and liberty in our lives:
1. The Gods blessed life and created nature and all of its contents.
2. Nature offers sustenance to support the needs and activities of human beings.
3. Human beings have an obligation to establish a traditional village structure, to build temples in which worship, to hold various cremonies, to make daily offering, to preserve nature and to solve problems together.
Dinner time
It was quite cool to play around with the monkeys, something that you’re not actually supposed to do as they are wild animals and you never really know how they will behave. Just be careful of the big adult ones, who scare around all the others too, and stick to the funny babies!

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